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2018 Little Hercules Golf Classic

  Posted on March 30, 2018

“We want to do a golf outing but we don’t know anything about golf.” And with those words in February of 2016 the Little Hercules Golf Classic was born.

My wife and I were meeting with Kelly Maynard to try to figure out how to get involved in the fight against Duchenne when she spoke those words.  I had already started thinking about doing a small golf gathering for friends and fellow members at Scioto Reserve and Kinsale to support the Little Hercules Foundation, but after I heard those words it was obvious we were going to go bigger…WAY BIGGER!


Over the last two years it has been our mission to put on a great golf outing that was high in quality and low in price. While we know we need to raise as much money as we can to fund research, we also recognize that there are a lot of people who don’t fully understand the scale of what a Duchenne diagnosis means.  The pain and fear that comes with that diagnosis is what drove me to get involved in this fight.  As hard as those first few days were for us, it is the same pain felt by the approximately 20,000 families in this country who deal with Duchenne today….and many more who have dealt with it previously and trail-blazed a path for us.  So, we knew we had to do our part to help end this disease, and we could only do that by getting as many people as we could get involved.  Those who know me know I don’t like to do anything half way.  I’m either all in or all out on the things that are important in my life…I don’t live in grey areas very well.  So when it came to fighting Duchenne, I was now all in.


When we started, we were advised that a good first year golf outing could raise $10,000, but we knew we were going to aim higher.  After the first Golf Classic was over and the final dollars were counted, we had raised over $65,000.  And when we did it again in year two we had raised over $130,000 in 18 months.  I’ve told many of you that those two days have been two of the best days of my life…and not just since Alex was diagnosed, but two of the best days ever.  The outpouring of support and love has been so humbling to me.  To see so many of our friends and family members come out and support us leaves me speechless.  It’s clear they don’t come out because we asked them to, but rather because our fight is now important to them as well.  We’ve also been so lucky to meet so many new people along the way whose advice and friendship means the world to us.  We couldn’t have the success we’ve had without the love and commitment from all of them.


I am pleased to announce that the 2018 Little Hercules Golf Classic (Monday, September 24th) is now open for player and sponsor registration.  We’ve had a goal of eventually turning out 240 golfers and raising over $100,000 in a single year and you can help us get there.  Like the treatments options that are finally starting to arrive for Duchenne patients, this goal may have seemed like a pipe dream when we started, but now we know it can be a reality.


Of course, the Little Hercules Golf Classic would not be possible if not for the help of our committee members, golf staff, and volunteers.  Just like the fight against Duchenne this is not something we could do alone.  With their work we’ve put on an event that is bigger and better than anything in my wildest imagination.  Something the committee talks about now is how do we make it even better than the previous year?  Last year we added food & beverage out on the course as well as the golf ball cannon, and this year we hope to add even more fun and surprises.  We can’t wait to show you what we come up with!


Click here to register as a player or a sponsor.


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This social butterfly loves college athletics, music, movies, and golf.  If you can't find him on the green fairways of the golf course, you might check the sandtraps. While he will always be a Buckeye for Life, he now has a new mission to make sure others get to live their life-long dreams too.

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