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2019 Little Hercules Golf Classic Event Details

  Posted on September 28, 2019

We are excited to see each of you on Monday morning.  

Please take a moment to read through the information below this weekend.  It includes information for those playing golf or those wishing to attend the after-party or bid on silent auction items.



  • Course Assignments are below.  Please ensure that you look to see where you are playing.  You should go directly to either Scioto Reserve or Kinsale Golf Club to check in Monday morning.  
  • Registration starts at 8:30am and shotgun start will be at 10am at both courses.  
  • This year's registration should be much smoother with most everyone pre-registering and paying already online.  It will greatly speed registration if you can go online and ensure that your name, email, phone number, etc. are entered.  www.lhfgolf.givesmart.com
  • If you plan on purchasing anything at registration or at the auction, please enter your credit card information.  This will carry through the day with any purchases and we will close out the day with the information for payment that you have entered.  
  • We have several food and beverage vendors on the course for you to enjoy during your round.  All of this has been provided by generous sponsors.
  • Following golf, everyone will return to Scioto Reserve Country ClubF for the conclusion of the event.  We will have light food, drinks, silent auction, live auction, raffle winners, and more that will start at approximately 3:30pm.
  • Don't forget, this year's event will feature Urban and Shelley Meyer, our Honorary Chairpersons.  
  • We will open the auction prior to Monday.  You should receive a notification from the system when that occurs.  Until then, you should be able to preview items we have loaded already on the site now. More will be coming throughout the weekend. The auction is available to anyone, whether attending or not, to bid.  It will close on Monday at 4:30pm during the party.  Live Auction items will not be open for bidding online.

If you have any questions, please reach out to justin@littleherculesfoundation.org or call Justin at 614.638.8827.


Kinsale - Adams, Joe
Kinsale - Anderson, Matt
Kinsale - Bachus, Chris
Kinsale - Bachus, Josh
Kinsale - Blake, Tricia
Kinsale - Brandon, Josh
Kinsale - Carnes, Judson
Kinsale - Chalfant, Brookes
Kinsale - Conkle, Alan
Kinsale - Core, Hideo
Kinsale - Cox, Cory
Kinsale - Crane, Suzie
Kinsale - DeAngelo, Dave
Kinsale - Dearwester, Gary
Kinsale - DePaul, Adam
Kinsale - Dingle, Nate
Kinsale - Donahoe, Drew
Kinsale - Eriksen, Wayne
Kinsale - Estell, Terrilyn
Kinsale - Farahay, Ben
Kinsale - Gardner, Bob

Kinsale - Gardner, Kerry
Kinsale - Gerschutz, Jill
Kinsale - Groves, Nancy
Kinsale - Guist, Quinn
Kinsale - Hawk, Eric
Kinsale - Holick, Eric
Kinsale - Honaker, John
Kinsale - Hoppert, Ryan
Kinsale - Hosket, Brad
Kinsale - Houcutt, Russ
Kinsale - Hughes, Shane
Kinsale - Hughes, Griffin
Kinsale - Hughes, Ralph
Kinsale - Kaiser, Kane
Kinsale - Kulkarni, Vikas
Kinsale - Kurtz, Andy
Kinsale - Lagusch, Jeff
Kinsale - Lanford, Ross
Kinsale - Lutz, Bryan
Kinsale - Madden, Dan
Kinsale - McGarvey, Tim
Kinsale - McGuire, Mike
Kinsale - McPherson, AJ
Kinsale - Merrill, Andy
Kinsale - Moldovan, Kent
Kinsale - Morrison, Judd
Kinsale - Morrison, Vernon
Kinsale - Muse, Karen
Kinsale - Nisley, Tim
Kinsale - Powell, Galin
Kinsale - Priestas, John
Kinsale - Rapp, Dan
Kinsale - Riegel, Brian
Kinsale - Riegel, Lisa
Kinsale - Rodocker, Shannon
Kinsale - Roseberry, Philip
Kinsale - Rosen, Todd
Kinsale - Rudd, Ed
Kinsale - Rudd, Rose
Kinsale - Ryan, Matt
Kinsale - Schooley, Kurt
Kinsale - Schueler, Joe
Kinsale - Seneco, Steve
Kinsale - Shah, Shamik
Kinsale - Simpson, Shaun
Kinsale - Smith, Jeff
Kinsale - Swift, Betsy
Kinsale - Szoke, Alex
Kinsale - Szoke, Kelly
Kinsale - Taulbee, MarJeanne
Kinsale - Taylor, Dr. Tim
Kinsale - Turner, Scott
Kinsale - Venters, Kevin
Kinsale - Vermillion, Jim
Kinsale - Voorhees, Nick
Kinsale - Wahlund, Garnett
Kinsale - Whittle, Ellen
Kinsale - Williams, Art
Kinsale - Wylie, Steve
Kinsale - Yitsis, Harry
Kinsale - Zedeker, Jim

Scioto Reserve - Ambrose, Ryan
Scioto Reserve - Amspaugh, Keith
Scioto Reserve - Bastyr, Dave
Scioto Reserve - Bennett, Dave
Scioto Reserve - Bennington, Garth
Scioto Reserve - Billmeyer, Brett

Scioto Reserve - Boles, Scott
Scioto Reserve - Bricker, Andrew

Scioto Reserve - Burke, Greg
Scioto Reserve - Burlison, Tom
Scioto Reserve - Campbell, Rob
Scioto Reserve - Casale, Mike
Scioto Reserve - Cavacini, Chris
Scioto Reserve - Ceculski, Mark
Scioto Reserve - Charobee, Lou
Scioto Reserve - Clark, Brad
Scioto Reserve - Concheck, Joe
Scioto Reserve - Cook, John
Scioto Reserve - Cox, Dale
Scioto Reserve - Darche, Paul
Scioto Reserve - Davis, Jerry
Scioto Reserve - Decello, Mark
Scioto Reserve - Drengler, Mark
Scioto Reserve - Fallon, Todd
Scioto Reserve - Fowler, Kent
Scioto Reserve - Freudeman, Dana
Scioto Reserve - Gasbarro, Alio
Scioto Reserve - Groeniger, Thomas
Scioto Reserve - Hanson, Gregg
Scioto Reserve - Harrell, Ryan
Scioto Reserve - Hatley, Brett
Scioto Reserve - Hedrick, Scott
Scioto Reserve - Hengstebeck, Steve
Scioto Reserve - Hodak, Nick
Scioto Reserve - Hunter, Jim
Scioto Reserve - Jones, Todd
Scioto Reserve - Kneafsey, Brian
Scioto Reserve - Koziara, Brian
Scioto Reserve - Lambert, Matt
Scioto Reserve - Malkoff, Dan
Scioto Reserve - Maloon, Jeff
Scioto Reserve - Matola, Jordan
Scioto Reserve - May, Shawn
Scioto Reserve - McLoughlin, Brad
Scioto Reserve - Meinen, Bill
Scioto Reserve - Moore, Kevin
Scioto Reserve - Muchnicki, Dennis
Scioto Reserve - Naylon, Brien
Scioto Reserve - Nerderman, Mark
Scioto Reserve - Newell, Steven
Scioto Reserve - Newvine, Dave
Scioto Reserve - Pusatari, Adam
Scioto Reserve - Putnam, TJ
Scioto Reserve - Ranney, Rusty
Scioto Reserve - Rauch, Kelly
Scioto Reserve - Rauch, Ryan
Scioto Reserve - Reis, Tom
Scioto Reserve - Rezkalla, Justin
Scioto Reserve - Ryder, Gregg
Scioto Reserve - Schedler, Karl
Scioto Reserve - Schueller, Jerry
Scioto Reserve - Schueller, Gay
Scioto Reserve - Shanks, Matt
Scioto Reserve - Siedlak, Joe
Scioto Reserve - Simpson, Andy
Scioto Reserve - Smith, Rick
Scioto Reserve - Smith, Lisle
Scioto Reserve - Solomon, Mark
Scioto Reserve - Stoll, John
Scioto Reserve - Stoll, Steve
Scioto Reserve - Sturgeon, Jason
Scioto Reserve - Swartout, Dan
Scioto Reserve - Taylor, Tim D.
Scioto Reserve - Timmons, Trent
Scioto Reserve - Trucco, Mitch
Scioto Reserve - Trucco, Matt
Scioto Reserve - Vaka, Scott
Scioto Reserve - Vancalbergh, Chris
Scioto Reserve - Vance, Shawn
Scioto Reserve - Vitka, John
Scioto Reserve - Vold, Jason
Scioto Reserve - Wagner, Greg
Scioto Reserve - Warren, Seth
Scioto Reserve - Wilson, Ron
Scioto Reserve - Wisler, Jim
Scioto Reserve - Woodby, Josh


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